Public Speaking

To inquire ASAP about a media or public speaking booking, call me at 949-421-8867.

Speaking Topics

  • [Energy Fundamentals]: “The Two Things Every American Needs to Know About Energy” | “Why America Needs Energy Liberation, Not Energy Independence” | “Why Resources are Unlimited”
  • [Industrial Progress]: “The Decline of American Industry–And How to Reverse It” | “Why America Needs to Stop ‘Going Green’ and Start ‘Going Industrial'”
  • [Fossil Fuels]: “Oil: Dangerous Addiction or Healthy Choice?” | “In Defense of Coal” | “In Defense of Fracking”
  • [Nuclear Power]: “The Real Lesson of Fukushima: Nuclear Power is the Safest Power” | “The Nuclear Option”
  • [Green Energy]: “The Dirty Secret about ‘Clean,’ Green Energy” | “The Green Blackout: How Green Energy Threatens our Electricity Supply” | “Catastrophic Climate Change…Policy”
  • [Applied Philosophy]: “The Philosophy of Success” | “Philosophy for Businessmen” | “John D. Rockefeller: Lessons for Leadership and Life” | “Ayn Rand and the World Today”

Contact me at for more info or to book an event.

What I Offer

Would you or your group like to learn more about the energy questions our country faces?

Then consider inviting me to speak. I can speak on virtually any topic related to energy, environment, and industrial progress. And I offer a variety of convenient formats for any budget: Speeches | Debates | Workshops | Online Q&A. (Details below.)

I know my stuff, I come prepared, and I’m easy to work with. Whenever I speak about energy, I have two goals:

1) Break down the issues in a way that you will understand and remember.

2) Make clear why energy issues matter to your life, so that you are motivated to get involved.

Your time is valuable, and I will do everything I can to make sure you leave the event with enduring knowledge that matters.

Contact me at for more info or to book an event.

Formats and Pricing

I can speak to your group in whatever form fits your needs and budget, including:


The most popular format, this works particularly well for groups of 20 to 2000 and beyond. I can speak on any of the topics listed later on this page, or on any other topic energy-related topic you choose. I’ll typically speak for 30-45 minutes, depending on the audience, and then answer as many questions as you and your group want to ask.


I love participating in debates, because I think it’s important for you to see how different ideas and approaches stack up when pitted against one another. My views on energy are informed by reading every side of every issue, and I have a lot of experience with tough debaters–so I would be delighted to debate an opponent of your choosing on any energy-related issue.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops are great for small audiences that seek to explore issues in depth, with material geared toward your exact needs. I can take the energy issue of your choice–from fracking to climate change policy to alternative energy–and work with each participant to understand the key technological, economic, and philosophical issues.

Skype/Online Q&A

If you’re on a budget or just want to avoid the hassle of booking travel, I offer online Q&A sessions by the hour over Skype. This format is a great way of focusing on the exact issues you want to know more about. No topic is off-limits.

Pricing: Contact me at or 949-421-8867 for pricing info or to book an event.

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